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Each of the 30-Day Meal Plans focus on a specific condition, set of related conditions, or goals. They were created from a basic Paleo template using primarily recipes in this book. Although you don’t have to follow the recipe guides exactly each day, it is important to note that the plans were tailored to move you in the right direction. While ADDITIONAL RESOURCES everyone can benefit from real, whole foods, it is impossible to make a set of meal plans that work as-is for every person. For example, nuts may appear in the meal plan you are following in a couple of places, and if you are allergic to nuts, simply work around those recommendations. While there is a lot of science behind the food recommendations I offer, creating a healthier person is not about which green, leafy vegetable you should eat today, and which starchy one you should eat tomorrow. These plans are to help you navigate, but most likely they do not ADDITIONAL RESOURCES factor in every one of your individual needs.

Read the [+] add and [-] avoid list at the beginning of the meal plan you want to follow before diving into it.The meal plans correspond to the recipes, and some of the recipes might need to be slightly altered, depending on which meal plan you are following. The over-arching add/avoid list should serve as a compass for navigating the meal plan and any other interesting recipes you find in this book, other books, or on the web.

Read the entire meal plan before you get started.If ADDITIONAL RESOURCES you see that a meal or parts of a meal repeat, you can save yourself a lot of cooking time by preparing extra so that you have the appropriate amount of leftovers.

Colored icons under the day number indicates the main protein sources used in the meals for that day.Many of the recipes can be made with interchangeable protein sources. For example, ground turkey can sometimes be used in place of beef, and in some cases chicken can be used instead of pork. If you would like to avoid certain types of protein for taste, personal, or religious ADDITIONAL RESOURCES reasons, these colored icons will help you plan ahead. Note that when bacon or sausage are served with eggs, eggs are noted as the main protein source since bacon and sausage are much higher in fat and not very dense sources of protein, relatively speaking.

Snacks have not been planned, as the meals should be plenty of food to satisfy your appetite. If you find you need more food, additional small servings of the foods in your meal plan are recommended.

You may choose to conduct further research on the lifestyle and supplement recommendations included with each plan in order ADDITIONAL RESOURCES to tailor them to your specific needs. The resources included to the left will provide a wealth of additional information on all of the conditions for which the meal plans have been created.